meetingsMy name is David Overmyer.  I have been in the computer field here in Tucson, Arizona for over 30 years. I have filled the roll of programmer. technician, network designer & troubleshooter, systems designer, and manufacturer.  I wrote my first computer program at the age of 14 on a Commodore 64 back in 1983 and the passion grew from there. Thus, I feel confident when I say, “I can help you with your needs.”

  • System is slow? There are multiple ways to speed up a machine without throwing a lot of new parts at it.
  • Viruses infecting your machine? I have become rather adept at removing viruses without loss of data.
  • Not sure what you want or how to do it? I will be happy to answer your questions and will do my best to teach you how to get the results your looking for.

My goal is to help you get the most from your experience.  Whether that is accessing your computer, browsing the internet, conversing with friends and family, playing games, advertising, expanding your business, or what have you.  I am here to help.


My Services

Computer Consulting:  Computer repair, hardware and software consulting, networking, etc…..

Web Design: Business, Personal, Blog, Informational, etc….

Desktop Publishing: business card design, flyers, personalized greeting cards, etc…

Media Production: Copy data from one media type to another, home video recoding, etc…

I think you’ll find my rates rather reasonable.    Contact me for further information and estimates.